Daniel Bloom
Advisory Board Member (2009 - 2013)

Daniel Bloom is a recognized ITSM and AR System development guru. He led the selection of Remedy for a Help Desk in 1992 (version 1.0), created the ARSlist in 1993 and the ARSlist Awards in 1995. Certified as a Remedy Authorized Consultant (RAC) in the first RAC class in 1995, he designed an early entitlement catalog for services for MCI (1996). Member of the design and build team at Remedy Corp. for version 4 of Asset Management (1999-2000). He has architected several enterprise ITSM implementations. He has been a member of the team on over forty successful projects in eight countries including some of the highest profile implementations of the CMDB and ITSM suite. He is currently employed full time in the Unisys ISM Practice as a Global Senior Architect. He is also the Chairman of the WWRUG conferences (2009 - ?).

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