Dave Shellman
Advisory Board Member (2010 - 2013)

Dave Shellman’s first introduction to programming was back in the early 80’s with Fortran and writing programs in Apple Basic on an Apple IIe for Physics classes. During his college career at Penn State, he worked on programming different modules for Sewer System design and Storm Water runoff programs for various PSU professors, a program for the Federal Highway Administration for Culvert Analysis/Design, and assisted with many HEC-1, HEC-2, Dam Break, PSUHM, PSU IV Short Courses offered through the office of Continuing Education to practicing engineers. During his career as an engineer, Dave combined engineering knowledge with GIS and mapping grade GPS in what at the time was ground breaking procedures with Wetland mapping, Environment Impact Studies, and rehabilitation of Water Distribution/Sewer System collection systems.

In 1997, Dave left the world of consulting engineering, to work for AMP as a “Remedy” admin. AMP, which later became Tyco Electronics, had implemented the AR System and built a custom Log Call app for Help Desk comprised of a combination of perl and AR System forms and workflow on Solaris servers. Dave’s first project was to finish an upgrade of the development and production servers to AR System Version 3.2. Since then the system has grown with the Log Call app serving Help Desks in the US, UK, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Japan, China, Singapore, and Australia. It includes integration with HP OpenView for server and application monitoring, TelAlert for messaging around the world, and an AR System Change Control form so that scheduled maintenance does not generate inappropriate HP OpenView alerts. The system also includes an Equipment List form for proper ticket assignment, Maintenance and Lease data, and is used for monthly cost center charge back of costs related to Maintenance and Lease and port charges.

At Tyco Electronics, we continue to stretch the AR System beyond the bounds of traditional help desk by creating applications for allocating approximately $1 Million in Telecommunication billing to the appropriate cost centers, maintain Contract information with alerting when a contract is up for renewal, and data driven survey system.

At RUG 2005, Dave gave a presentation entitled “The Art of Remedy ARS License Management.”

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