Doug Blair
Advisory Board Member (2012 - 2013)

Doug Blair likes to say that he has been involved with Remedy since before there was dirt. In fact, "Doug's Intensive Remedy Training" (or "DIRT") was given to his help desk staff at Motorola in 1994, so that much is technically true.

Doug has worked with every major Remedy release from version 1.2 at a variety of enterprise scale companies, including electronic manufacturing, banking, travel/hospitality and governmental agencies. His expertise includes application development, large scale Remedy server installations and many (but not all!) of the nuances of the BMC Remedy ITSM Suite. At Motorola in the 1990's, Doug worked to consolidate 83 separate internal help desks into 4, pioneered the use of Remedy's ARWeb and developed two global sized ticketing systems. At The Northern Trust he managed a heavily customized Help Desk 5 installation and wrote early versions of approval, entitlement and SRM applications. At Orbitz, Doug's team migrated custom applications to ITSM 7 in just under 90 days, and made extensive use of web services to integrate with paging and monitoring systems. Doug now is a practicing Remedy Applications Developer on the team that supports one of the largest ITSM installations for the US Government. Doug's certifications include Remedy Skilled Professional and ITILv3, and he's an avid ARSLIST reader.

"I have attended almost every RUG, BMCUW and WWRUG conference since their inceptions. I look at WWRUG as the most significant learning opportunity and training event every year. To see so many talented programmers and developers come together to openly share what they have learned and created is thrilling and exciting to me. To date the career achievements of which I am most proud have been three technical presentations I have made at these meetings, so you can imagine how excited I am to speak to you this year from the big stage. Yes, that's a photo of me eating a deep fried Twinkie on the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, and if you don't yet know why that's appropriate for Remedy, make sure you come to the ARSLIST awards ceremony!"

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