Kelly Deaver
Advisory Board Member (2010 - 2012)

Kelly Deaver has made a career of working the Remedy AR System since v2. She has 15 years of experience in all phases of Business Service Management and is well-known in the Remedy development community. She was awarded the BMC Software Employee Beyond the Call of Duty award by the ARSlist community for her contributions. She has spoken at numerous conferences on topics including Remedy Developer Best Practices, Service Level Agreements, Integrations Solution Strategy, and more. She is currently a Deployment Manager with Unisys. Her career history includes Technical Marketing at BMC where she shared her subject matter expertise with BMC Sales, Partners and Customers on implementation strategies and with BMC Engineering on product features. While in Engineering at BMC, her key contributions included working on the team that began the original design of what became Atrium CMDB, developing integration products and acting as a senior developer on all of the ITSM applications. She started the consulting practice and acted as the Remedy Practice Director at Xinify. She was Director of Technical Alliances at Blazent Software, Remedy Engineering at Peregrine Software, Engineering at Remedy Software and Remedy Consultant for SSDS. Her well-rounded experience in all aspects of Remedy implementation and integration make her a go-to person in the Remedy community.

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