Phil Bautista
Advisory Board Member (2009 - 2013)

Phil Bautista has been involved with the AR System since the first version developing and demonstrating applications, integrations including barcode, RFID, and wireless solutions since the early 1990's all of which have been centered around the core AR System. Involvement in Beta programs with Remedy have allowed him to test and shape the AR System. Having started and run many local Remedy users groups, he has been afforded the opportunity to help many in the Remedy community and across the globe. He was certified as a Remedy Approved Consultant during the 1990’s. As a seasoned Consultant and National RUG presenter in California, Florida, and Washington DC, he has access to a broad spectrum of information which he has used to draw upon for the sessions presented at the WWRUG conferences. Through strategic partnerships he continues his work in the community as a senior consultant to IT organizations in the Public and Private sectors providing value and leadership to not only direct customers but to top consulting companies as well. His experience with IT Service Management and ITIL as well as a working knowledge of business processes continue to benefit customers with documented success. Phil joined the Unisys Team in 2012 as a Senior Global Architect and left for India almost immediately for three weeks. He is based in Austin, TX, enjoys travel, playing live music, boating and riding horses, jet skis and motorcycles.

Besides helping to grow, organize, review and schedule the record number of technical sessions for WWRUG since 2009, he has also presented technical papers from back in the days when the Remedy Corporation organized the RUG’s, written provisional patent applications, and also presented most recently at WWRUG12 in San Jose, CA.

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